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Topline & Technical Issues Project Group

The Topline Issues group is being led by Brent London from Google. Brent sees this group focusing on broad, overarching issues – such as a clear definition of what UA Ready means, as well as supporting the development of technical documentation and solutions.

The Topline Issues group will identify the issues, come up some solutions, and then pass them to the Community Outreach group to get the message polished and distributed.

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International Project Group

The International Group is focusing on the non-ASCII part of the UA issues – in e-mail addresses (EAI), domain names (IDNs) and addresses (IRIs). This group has co-chairs in Dennis Tan and Dusan Stojicevic. There will be close cooperation between the International group and the Topline Issues group when it comes to support for non ASCII characters. The International group also expects to develop the issues and then pass to the Community Outreach group for polishing and distributions.

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Measurement & Monitoring Project Group

The Measurement and Monitoring group is being led by Mark Svancarek. This group’s still forming their thoughts, but we expect them to come up with some tests for UA Readiness, keeping track of UA Readiness issues identified, and regularly testing and reporting on generic UA readiness. The M&M group will provide direction to the Community Outreach team of organisations that have been reported as not-UA compliant.

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Community Outreach Project Group

The Community Outreach group has the task of identifying the messages, finding effective communication channels, and then getting the messages into the community.   Christian Dawson and Rich Merdinger will be the co-leads of this group.  They’ll get input from the other groups about the messages and the audiences.

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Working Documents



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UASG Coordination Group

Meeting Date Agenda Notes Comments
November Meeting 2016 UASG Coordination Call – Agenda, Papers and Notes  File size: 1.3MB
Washington DC – 2016-01-16 UA DC Jan 16 Meeting Notes
May Meeting 2016-05-04 Notes – UA Coordination – May 2016

UA Priority

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