How a Routine Systems Update Will Improve Your Bottom Line and Create a More Inclusive Internet
How a Routine Systems Update Will Improve Your Bottom Line and Create a More Inclusive Internet

Many people assume that the Internet automatically works for everyone. But it doesn’t, and it is a missed opportunity for the global economy and may prevent the next billion people from coming online.

Why companies are leaving money on the table and millions of people locked out of the web

The Internet has significantly expanded. Hundreds of new English and non-English top-level domains (TLDs) have been introduced in recent years, along with TLDs longer than the traditional two or three characters, like .nz or .com. Examples include .earth, .london and .スト ア. These new TLDs allow users around the world to navigate the Internet in their native languages, using their chosen identities.

UA Problem

Many organizations have not updated their systems to accommodate the new domains.  We call this becoming Universal Acceptance (UA)-ready. This causes problems for organizations and headaches for users when the applications do not recognize or process the new domain names or email addresses that use these extensions. Millions of users around the world are unable to fully utilize the power of the Internet in their native languages – and companies are losing the opportunity to gain these users as customers.

UA Role

We are a global nonprofit group called the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) – which includes companies like Apple, GoDaddy, Google, ICANN, Microsoft and Verisign – and our mission is to advance awareness of Universal Acceptance, the concept that all domain names and email addresses work in all applications.

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