Administrative Group

Anil Kumar Jain

Chair / Anil Kumar Jain

Anil Kumar Jain is the CEO and longtime board member of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). Having spent 36 years in various telecommunication roles, he is an expert in Internet, broadband and telecom sectors. Throughout his career, he has been associated with BSNL, MTNL and the Department of Telecommunications, India, and serves as Chair of India’s Internet Governance Forum, Chairman of India’s Multilingual Committee and as a member of India’s Internet Resilience Committee.

Internationally, Anil is Vice Chair of the IDNccPDP4 Working Group of Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) and Chair of the IDN ccPDP4 Working Group. He is also Chair of a working group formed to design strategies for the Asia Pacific Top-Level Domain Association (APTLD). He is also a member of the IDN EPDP Variant Working Group of Generic Names Supporting Organization (GSNO) as well as a liaison officer between the ccNSO and GNSO.

Nabil Benamar

Vice Chair / Nabil Benamar

Nabil Benamar is a professor of computer sciences and based in Morocco. His main research topics relate to the use of AI techniques in different fields such as autonomous driving, IoT, TinyML, network automation, and healthcare. Nabil is currently serving as the Associate Editor of the IEEE Access Journal and the Elsevier Journal of King Saud University – Computer and Information Sciences. Nabil is a TPC member of different IEEE Flagship conferences (Globecom, ICC, PIMRC, WCNC), as well as a member of the Organizing Committee of IEEE WCNC 2019, IEEE MENACOMM’20 and IWCMC’23. Furthermore, Nabil is an IPv6 expert and IPv6 trainer with multiple international organizations. He became an expert in Internet governance after completion of the ISOC next generation e-learning programme and has been an ISOC Ambassador to the IGF, a Google panelist at the first Arab-IGF, an ISOC fellow to the IETF, and an ICANN fellow. He is also a member of the Arabic Generation Panel and Chair of the Task Force for Arabic IDNs, as well as Chair of the UASG Measurement WG.

Haixin Duan

Vice Chair / Haixin Duan

Prof. Haixin Duan received his Ph.D in Computer Science from Tsinghua University in 2001, and currently leads the Network and Information Security Lab at the Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace of Tsinghua University in China. He has been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and worked as a senior scientist for the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California.

For over 30 years, Prof. Duan has focused his teaching and research on network security and network measurement, with particular emphasis on DNS security, email security and web and web PKI security. Their research has led top Internet service vendors or open-source organizations such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, CloudFlare, and Apache to update their software and applications, improving the security of Internet infrastructure. Most of Prof. Duan’s research has been published in top network or security conferences such as ACM/SIGCOMM, Internet Measurement Conference, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, ACM/CCS, USENIX Security, and NDSS, and has several Best Paper Awards from these conferences.

Nitin Walia

Vice Chair / Nitin Walia

Nitin Walia is a seasoned IT professional with over 23 years of experience and is based in India. He is currently Director of several Data Groups technology companies, including Data Xgen Technologies, which is well-known for its fully EAI-ready email software and over 50 million email users worldwide. He has been advocating for Universal Acceptance, EAI, and IDNs for the past several years.

Nitin is a strong believer in emerging technologies and a strong supporter of UA and the use of local languages and scripts on the Internet. He is associated with international and national professional societies such as ICANN, UASG, APRALO, ISOC, ISPCP, TIE, NASSCOM, and DSCI. He was also on the NASSCOM Product Council and part of the India National Committee to develop a model RFP template for software products under NPSP in India. He is also member of ICANN’s Neo Brahmi Script General Panel, IGF 2023 Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), and IS3C WG 5.

UASG Working Group Chairs

Communications Working Group

Anil Kumar Jain

Anil Kumar Jain / Chair, Communications Working Group

Raymond Mamattah

Raymond Mamattah / Vice Chair, Communications Working Group

Raymond Mamattah is the founder and President of the E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA), a civil society that engages in Internet governance advocacy. He leads his team at EGIGFA to engage in a series of advocacy activities to promote Internet governance, e-governance, digital rights and digital inclusion.

Raymond engages in broad Internet governance engagements locally and internationally. He currently serves as the African representative to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). Previously, he was the Non-Commercial Stakeholder User Group (NCSG) representative to ICANN’s GNSO’s Standing Selection Committee, and since 2017 has volunteered for the UNDESA as a researcher for the various UN E-Governance Surveys. Furthermore, he was selected by the AFRINIC Board to serve on the 2021 Nomination Committee (NomCom). Raymond also works as an Administrative Manager in a commercial company in Ghana.

EAI Working Group

Mark Svancarek

Mark Svancarek / Chair, EAI Working Group

Versatile and accomplished technology leader with expertise and success across the breadth of the computer and software industries. Excellent at building trust and bridging gaps when creating technical relationships between companies and teams. Equally adept coordinating engineering and business efforts. Unique ability to see the entire end to end experience, then find and fix problems “between the cracks”.

Nitin Walia

Nitin Walia / Vice Chair, EAI Working Group

Abdalmonem Galila

Abdalmonem Galila / Vice Chair, EAI Working Group

Abdalmonem Galila is the Numbering Planning Manager at the National Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt and responsible for managing the internationalized country-code top-level domain (IDN ccTLD) of Egypt (.مصر). He is a strong supporter of Universal Acceptance as well as the use of the Arabic script on the Internet.

He has been a UA Ambassador since March 2018, helping to coordinate many regional sessions and trainings in Egypt. He is also the UA Ambassadors Working Group Chair and Email Address Internationalization (EAI) Working Group Vice Chair. Additionally, he is the Vice Chair of the Middle East for the Task Force on Arabic Script Internationalized Domain Names (TF-AIDN), which focuses on the secure deployment and ease of use of Arabic IDNs. Galila also serves as the Universal Acceptance Senior Advisor for the Tanzania Community Network Alliance, helping to promote UA in academia. Galila is based in Cairo, Egypt.

UA Local Initiatives Working Group

Sarika Gulyani

Sarika Gulyani / Chair, UA Local Initiative – India

Sarika Gulyani is the Director and Head of ICT & Digital Economy and FICCI-Indian Language Technology Alliance departments at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Sarika has more than 15 years of experience in regulatory affairs, public affairs, and policy advocacy of the telecom, information communications technology, and digital economy sectors. Her specific areas of focus and expertise include Indic Internet, language technologies, Internet governance, M2M, AI, IOT, mobile technologies, broadband infrastructure, and enterprise IT. She has launched various international intellectual conferences and seminars like Bhashantara, Big Data Conclave, Emerging Technologies Conclave, India Internet Governance Conference, India Telecom series, Digital Bharat, i-Bharat, and has been instrumental in increasing the penetration of ICT in India.

Sarika works closely with government departments, industry associations, international agencies, and global ICT associations on policy issues as well as the overall growth of the ICT, digital economy, and Indic Internet. She also represents FICCI at various national and international forums. An electronics and communications engineer, Ms. Sarika Gulyani also holds a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Delhi.

Maria Kolesnikova

Maria Kolesnikova / Chair, UA Local Initiative – CIS-EE

Maria Kolesnikova lives in Russia and has worked for the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ as Head of Marketing, External Relations and Projects since 2007. Maria has a wide range of experience in information technologies, working in IT for 20 years. She is also an individual member of EURALO.

In 2007, Maria was involved in the IDN Program as an administrator of Cyrillic IDN wiki page “пример.испытание”. During 2008-2009, she participated in the Fast Track Process for delegation of the Cyrillic IDN ccTLD .РФ (Russian Federation). From 2012-2013 during the first round of New gTLD Program, she worked on applications for several gTLDs, including IDN gTLDs.

Since 2007, Maria has been involved with the ccNSO, CENTR, UASG, and local working groups, and has served in organizing and program committees of global and regional meetings hosted by ICANN, CENTR, APTLD, and IGF. She has also organized regional and local Internet industry and Internet governance events in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Wei Pei

Wei Pei / Chair, UA Local Initiative – China

Ms. Wei Pei is a senior engineer and the head of the China UA Local Initiative. She is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of the Internet Society of China and has extensive experience in the Internet industry.

Anawin Pongsaboripat

Anawin Pongsaboripat / Chair, UA Local Initiative – Thailand

Anawin Pongsaboripat is the Assistant Director at the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation, which serves as a center to develop, promote and facilitate Internet usage in Thailand, especially the use of the .th (dot Th) and .ไทย (dot Thai) country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). Since 2021, Anawin has contributed to UA projects, and actively worked to promote UA awareness and readiness to the public and technical community. Anawin received degrees in Computer Engineering and has experience in various Information Technology (IT) fields.

Harsha Wijayawardhana

Harsha Wijayawardhana / Chair, UA Local Initiative – Sri Lanka

Mr. Harsha Wijayawardhana is a biochemist turned Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultant with more than 20 years of experience in hardcore ICT. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in biochemistry and chemistry and a minor in mathematics. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS, CITP) and is the current Chair of the Local Language Working Group (LLWG), which was responsible for the development of Unicode Sinhala and Tamil standards in Sri Lanka. He co-chaired ICANN’s Sinhala Generation Panel and is a Board Member of the largest Bank in Sri Lanka: the Bank of Ceylon.

Measurement Working Group

Nabil Benamar

Nabil Benamar / Chair, Measurement Working Group

Technology Working Group

Satish Babu

Satish Babu / Chair, Technology Working Group

Satish Babu is the Chair of the Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO) of ICANN At-Large and has been an Internet user since 1993. He has been actively involved in ICANN’s IDN program since 2015, and has served two terms on the ICANN Nominating Committee. He continues to participate in organizational and policy work as part of ICANN At-Large.

Satish is also an active volunteer of the Internet Society and IEEE, and was the national President of the Computer Society of India. At his day job, he is the founder and President of InApp Infotech, an IT Services company with presence in the U.S., Japan, and India.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar

Mr. Rajiv Kumar / Vice Chair, Technology Working Group

Based in India, Mr. Rajiv Kumar has two postgraduate degrees to his credit – a Master of Science (Radio Physics and Electronics) and Master of Computer Applications. He also has a diploma in Cyber Internet Governance Capacity Building.

Rajiv is currently leading the ccTLD business, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), which has 2.7 million ccTLD users, and has helped in the approval of IDN ccTLDs in 22 languages in India.

He is an expert in DNSSEC and IPv6, and was an active member of the Neo-Brahmi Script Generation Panel. Rajiv has attended and contributed in several sessions at ICANN, IGF, APTLD, ISOC, and APNIC meetings. He is well-known in international Internet community and is a current APTLD Board Member.

As Vice Chair of the UASG Technology Working Group, Rajiv would like to ensure the representation of the desires and aspirations of the community on the Internet. His vision is to ensure Internet affordability and availability to every citizen around the world.

Abhiskek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra / Vice Chair, Technology Working Group

For the past eight years, Abhishek Mishra has administered both IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation for the Indian geography at NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India). NIXI manages India’s country code top-level (ccTLD) domain (.IN) and the dotIN registry ensures the operational stability, security, and reliability of the ccTLD. Mishra has over 15 years of experience in the government and corporate sectors. He is actively involved in providing input for the policy development process (PDP) of APNIC, as well as raising IPv6-related awareness among the Indian community. Mishra is a frequent participant at various regional and international conferences and network operator forums, and is an active ICANN community member who strongly believes in working to achieve “a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Internet community.”

UA Ambassadors Working Group

UA Ambassadors

Cengiz Acarturk

Cengiz Acarturk

Based in Turkey, Cengiz Acarturk conducts research in cognitive science and human factors in cyber security. Acarturk has been involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a user, researcher, and developer. A strong supporter of Universal Acceptance (UA), he aims to contribute as an Ambassador by identifying and providing solutions that can help overcome societal and technological challenges related to UA. He also aims to run applied research on various states of UA readiness.

Malick Alassane

Malick Alassane

Malick Alassane is an IT Security Analyst based in Benin. Malick has extensive work experience in the domain name industry, web development, Internet network measurement, and Internet security, and continues to conduct research in these fields. He also devotes a large amount of his time as a volunteer, working to promote a more open and secure Internet. To achieve a truly inclusive Internet Universal Acceptance must be achieved which is why he is passionate about being a UA Ambassador.

Harish Chowdhary

Harish Chowdhary

Delhi based, Harish has been an active advocate for Universal Acceptance within India and more globally through his participation in the IETF and the IGFs. His ‘day job’ as a technology analyst with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) – Delhi for Ministry of Electronics & IT, Internet Governance Structured Implementation Module (IGSIM), Government of India, puts him in a good position to advocate Universal Acceptance in one of the UASG’s target geographies.

Mark Elkins

Mark Elkins

Mark Elkins lives in South Africa and first helped create the CO.ZA top-level domain (TLD) in 1995. No longer involved in everyday CO.ZA matters, he runs his own ISP, teaches classes on the DNS, enjoys DNSSEC, and is a member of the DNSSEC ICANN Workshop committee. He was also an AfriNIC Board Member for six years and a key member of the ICANN DNS Study for Africa.

Although no domain names under .ZA currently support Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), Elkins has always been interested in Universal Acceptance (UA) and has included the topic in his discussions at ICANN Public Meetings since ICANN48.

Abdalmonem Galila

Abdalmonem Galila

Zhijiang Liu

Zhijiang Liu

Zhijiang Liu has nearly 20 years of experience working in the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) industry. Liu is the general manager of KNET Co., Ltd – the registry of the Chinese new gTLD .网址 (xn--ses554g) which is the multilingual IDN new gTLD with the largest number of registrations in the world. He is also the deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center of Internet Domain Name System (ZDNS Co., Ltd.) ZNDS hosts more than 50 new gTLDs and has partnerships with many international new gTLD registries.

In addition, Liu is secretary general of the Internet Society of China’s SME Service Committee (ISCSME). An industry self-regulatory organization, the SME Service Committee serves as a link between relevant government departments and corporate resources.

Aman Masjide

Aman Masjide

Aman Masjide currently leads the Anti-Abuse and Universal Acceptance (UA) efforts at Radix in India, and has 14 years of experience in the anti-abuse field of the domain name industry. Prior to joining Radix, Masjide led the abuse mitigation and compliance efforts for LogicBoxes, a domain registrar automation platform and consulting business, which was later acquired by Endurance International Group. He has also contributed his expertise in anti-abuse mitigation at Resellerclub and BigRock.

At Radix, Masjide has been leading an internal project testing UA readiness of website signup and contact forms. The objective is to ensure that a user of new TLD should have the same experience across various online portals and services as they would experience using any other legacy TLD.

Abdulkarim Ayopo Oloyede

Abdulkarim Ayopo Oloyede

Based in Nigeria, Abdulkarim Ayopo Oloyede is focused on supporting and building the next generation of Internet users through teaching, research, and consulting. He currently teaches wireless telecommunications, Internet protocol, and Internet governance at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria and the University of York, UK. Oloyede holds a PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of York and is the author/co-author of over 50 scientific publications. He is currently Co-Chair of the AFRINIC Policy Development Working Group (PDWG), a member of the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) representing the Africa Region, Vice Chairman of the ITU- D Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG) representing the Africa Region, and has represented Nigeria in various ITU meetings since 2016.

Oloyede is a strong advocate for the use of African languages on the Internet in order to improve Internet usage in Africa. As a UA Ambassador, he will encourage researchers and students to build software and systems compatible with Internationalized Domain Names (INDs), and promote Universal Acceptance (UA) with policymakers through his role at the ITU, among others.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder and CEO of One97 Communications and its consumer brand Paytm. He has played a critical role in developing the mobile payments and commerce ecosystem in India. His goal is to build India’s biggest payments, commerce, and financial services conglomerate and the country’s first 100 billion dollar company. A strong believer in emerging technologies, Vijay continues to oversee the company’s key strategic efforts including engineering, design, and marketing. He also launched the Paytm Payments Bank and brought a new business model to the world of banking.

In 2017, Vijay was included in Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list and was named Entrepreneur of the Year at The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence in 2016.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from the Delhi College of Engineering.

Sushanta Sinha

Sushanta Sinha

Sushanta Sinha, based in Kolkata, India, has a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics & Telecommunication and a Master of Engineering (ME) in Software-Engineering. Sinha has been involved in the IT industry for the last 25 years and is currently working at a large global IT organization as an Enterprise Agile Coach. Well connected with industry leaders and academia, Sinha is a distinguished Fellow of Institute of Engineers (FIE) India, a patron for Computer Society of India, and is the Secretary of the Internet Society of India, Kolkata Chapter. He is currently the Chair of the Vernacular Internet Ecosystem Working Group (VIEW Group) formed under the India Internet Foundation (IIFON), which works exclusively to promote Universal Acceptance (UA) especially in regards to the Bengali language. Sinha is committed to spreading general awareness of UA, while working with the UASG to make sure that UA is viewed as a necessary requirement.

Luis Sergio Valle

Luis Sergio Valle

Luis Sergio Valle is currently President of the Foundation for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Bolivia – (FUNDETIC-BOLIVIA). He is also a member of numerous industry organizations including the Ibero-American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunications Companies (ASIET), RELAIS International, ICANN At-large, Latin American Federation of Internet Users (FLUI), Information Systems and Technology Group, and the Spanish Society of Informatics and Health – (SEIS).

Valle studied systems engineering and has diplomas in electronic government, open government, and information systems management. He also claims three master’s degrees in planning and projects, defense security and national development, and digital business. Valle has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics related to the Internet including electronic governance and information technology.

Yangyi Wu

Yangyi Wu (Walter Wu)

Beijing based YANGYI Wu (Walter Wu) is the co-founder and President of Strategic Partner & Business Development for the registry,Internet DotTrademark Organisation Limited. The“.商标” (pronounced as “Shang Biao”, means “.trademark” in simplified Chinese characters) is the ICANN accredited IDN TLD launched in 2014. For Walter and his business, a lack of Universal Acceptance is an every day issue.

Xiucheng Wu (Marvin Woo)

Xiucheng Wu (Marvin Woo)

Based in Guangzhou, China, Xiucheng Wu serves as vice president of Coremail – the largest provider of email systems in China with nearly one billion terminal registered customers. It was also the first provider to support EAI (since 2012). Wu is a proponent of utilizing EAI to promote Chinese domain name emails and has successfully sent more than 4,500 EAI work emails.

After the APEC TEL 48 workshop in 2013, Wu worked to accelerate the cooperation between Coremail and the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to establish and maintain the first Chinese domain name mailbox registration platform in the world. He also helped organize the UASG EAI workshop at the APEC EAI forum in 2014 and 2018, and has promoted the use of EAI at multiple events including ICANN55, IGF 2016, and the EAI Workshop of Thailand. Wu has assisted THNIC and SGNIC in building EAI test systems, and in 2019, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Contribution Person of the Year in Chinese Domain Name Industry.”

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