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Dr. Ajay Data

Chair / Dr. Ajay Data

Dr. Ajay Data is an award winner techno commercial Founder & CEO of multiple technology companies. He always puts people first, believes in long term relationships with team mates. He does not believe in employee employer relationship, rather co-workers with a vision to achieve common goal. As a CEO of the 1000+ team members of the company, he has been driving initiatives to build a skilled and culturally-diverse global workforce. His innovation and execution of software products like BharatSync, XgenPlus, Spamjadoo, DATAMAIL has got users world over and won multiple patents. Making a modest start on April 18th 1999 as Rajasthan’s first private Internet Service Provider, the company rapidly expanded its line of businesses in the areas of e-Governance, Software Products, Turnkey IT Solutions and Mobile Technologies.

Recently Data Xgen Technologies got global recognition for bringing in first of its kind IDN email supporting email addresses in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Cyrillic, Thai, Korean, Arabic plus 15 more languages. Dr. Data is Managing Director of Data Group of Industries with an annual business turnover of approx US $200 Million and sought after speaker and leader by young entrepreneurs for mentoring and guidance. Recently Govt. of Rajasthan also started linguistic email services to every citizen on the innovation and technology built under his leadership and guidance. Along with his wide ranging experience in these organizations, he is also leading the ICANN’s Neo Brahmi General Panel for generating LGR’s , EAI Coordinator in Universal Acceptance Group, Member of ISPCP Constituency and Expert Panel of RZ-LGR Application.

Vice Chair / Dusan Stojicevic

I am coming from Serbia, where I started to deal with IDN problems. During January, I sent the full report which pictures my years of work on Universal Acceptance. You can find it on the list, if this system can’t manage to link it. As a member of the UASG from the very beginning, also former Chairman of Cyrillic Generation Panel, l am aware that we are far away from the end of the road.

My plan, if I get elected, would cover more systematic way of addressing UA issues, creating precise definition of UA ready software and testing methods, systematic creation of documents for development of UA capabilities in web apps and other software as a continuation of work done so far, creation of systematic way for including and helping local societies to address problems in their countries or regions, clear and public budget, systematic reporting of UASG leadership and UA ambassadors, inclusion of missed major players like Apple to solve UA issues, constant help for registries and especially registrars in UA issues such as EAI. As you can see, RFCs are there, UASG should work further on their adoption and in more systematic way.”

Dusan Stojicevic
Mark Svancarek

Vice Chair / Mark Svancarek

Versatile and accomplished technology leader with expertise and success across the breadth of the computer and software industries. Excellent at building trust and bridging gaps when creating technical relationships between companies and teams. Equally adept coordinating engineering and business efforts. Unique ability to see the entire end to end experience, then find and fix problems “between the cracks”.

Vice Chair / Dennis Tan Tanaka

Dennis is a senior platform manager at Verisign. He is a long-time advocate of Universal Acceptance (his advocacy work includes W3C and IGF), and has contributed to various projects for the UASG in the past 4 years. As vice-chair, Dennis wants to build on the good work accomplished thus far, increase UA awareness and support readiness in the public sector and pledges to be a good steward of UASG’s resources.

Dennis Tan Tanaka

UA Ambassadors

In January 2018, the UASG Coordination Group created the role of UA Ambassador – well respected, articulate, industry leaders, who will be encouraged and supported to raise the issues of UA and EAI within their respective spheres to our target audience of developers and CIOs.

Harish Chowdhary

Delhi based, Harish has been an active advocate for Universal Acceptance within India and more globally through his participation in the IETF and the IGFs. His ‘day job’ as a technology analyst for NIXI, India’s registry operator for .in and a series of .bharat TLDs in different scripts, puts him in a good position to advocate Universal Acceptance in one of the UASG’s target geographies.

Harish Chowdhary
Mark William Datysgeld

Mark W. Datysgeld

Mark is based in Brazil and became involved in Universal Acceptance to focus on producing evidence-based research and bringing his International Relations expertise to the project. He coordinated the first study that looked into UA Readiness in the LAC region and proceeded to do the same with the global research on the theme. Mark is a consultant acting under the Governance Primer brand who provides advice and support for the private sector’s participation in Internet Governance, dedicated to creating new partnerships and engaging in innovative projects.

Abdalmonem Galila

Based in Cairo, Abdalmonem Galila is the Deputy Manager of the مصر Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Egypt. He’s also a strong supporter of Universal Acceptance as well as the use of the Arabic Script in the Internet generally. In his spare time he’s working to build a completely open source Arabic Script based email eco-system.

Abdalmonem Galila
Ashish Modi

John Levine

John is a well-established technical expert in Email Address Internationalisation (EAI) enhancements to the email technical protocols. John is also on the board of ISOC, on the ICANN SSAC, and a senior technical advisor to the M3WAAG – among other things. John has also been the primary author of the UASG’s core EAI documentation.

Zhijiang Liu

Zhijiang Liu has nearly 20 years of experience working in the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) industry. Liu is the general manager of KNET Co., Ltd – the registry of the Chinese new gTLD .网址 (xn--ses554g) which is the multilingual IDN new gTLD with the largest number of registrations in the world. He is also the deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center of Internet Domain Name System (ZDNS Co., Ltd.) ZNDS hosts more than 50 new gTLDs and has partnerships with many international new gTLD registries.

In addition, Liu is secretary general of the Internet Society of China’s SME Service Committee (ISCSME). An industry self-regulatory organization, the SME Service Committee serves as a link between relevant government departments and corporate resources.

Zhijiang Liu
Yangyi Wu

Yangyi Wu (Walter Wu)

Beijing based YANGYI Wu (Walter Wu) is the co-founder and President of Strategic Partner & Business Development for the registry,Internet DotTrademark Organisation Limited. The“.商标” (pronounced as “Shang Biao”, means “.trademark” in simplified Chinese characters) is the ICANN accredited IDN TLD launched in 2014. For Walter and his business, a lack of Universal Acceptance is an every day issue.

Xiucheng Wu (Marvin Woo)

Based in Guangzhou, China, Xiucheng Wu serves as vice president of Coremail – the largest provider of email systems in China with nearly one billion terminal registered customers. It was also the first provider to support EAI (since 2012). Wu is a proponent of utilizing EAI to promote Chinese domain name emails and has successfully sent more than 4,500 EAI work emails.

After the APEC TEL 48 workshop in 2013, Wu worked to accelerate the cooperation between Coremail and the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to establish and maintain the first Chinese domain name mailbox registration platform in the world. He also helped organize the UASG EAI workshop at the APEC EAI forum in 2014 and 2018, and has promoted the use of EAI at multiple events including ICANN55, IGF 2016, and the EAI Workshop of Thailand. Wu has assisted THNIC and SGNIC in building EAI test systems, and in 2019, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Contribution Person of the Year in Chinese Domain Name Industry.”

Xiucheng Wu (Marvin Woo)

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