Introducing the First UA Ambassadors

By Don Hollander, Secretary General of the UASG The issue of Universal Acceptance of all domain names and all email addresses is well understood by members of the UASG (all software should accept all domain names and all email addresses). However, many in the broader IT profession aren’t aware of UA, so the goal of

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Report to the ICANN & UASG Community on Recent Activities

Download PDF Core messages at ICANN61 The UASG has several core messages that we’re working on during ICANN61: The first is working through our workshop agendas on Communications and EAI The second is to reach out to Governments to engage with senior IT Executives who work in Governments. The third is to encourage IDN

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Microsoft announcement of EAI in India

Today, International Mother Language Day, we announced support for EAI in Office 365 and  We are focusing on Outlook and webmail for now, though we will follow up regarding other mail clients soon. Likewise we are focusing on Indian scripts now, because Microsoft India is taking the lead on this announcement. UASG is mentioned

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2017 in Review: UASG Continues Its Mission

By Don Hollander, Secretary General of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) 2017 was an important year for the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG). Whereas in 2016 we focused our efforts on introducing people to the concept of Universal Acceptance (UA) and building general awareness, this year we took it a step further by ensuring

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