What’s in a (Domain) Name? Opening Your Business to the Next Billion Internet Users

By Don Hollander, Secretary General, UASG Businesses that are looking to expand with the Internet as it welcomes longer and non-Latin domain names, helping attract the next billion Internet users, have an interest in becoming Universal Acceptance (UA) ready. UA is a technical compliance process that ensures all domain names and email addresses are accepted,

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Universal Acceptance (Ua) Key To Reaching Next Billion Internet Users

New Reports Show Achievement, but Still More Opportunity to Become UA-Ready Today, the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) released two reports aimed at measuring the state of popular browsers and websites and their ability to handle all domain names – including new, longer, or non-Latin top-level domain names (TLDs) or non-Latin email addresses. According to

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Bridging the Digital Language Divide

Bridging the Digital Language Divide: Is Your Email Ready for the Global Market? By Mark Svancarek, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft, 19 July 2017 Email connects the globe with a click. And it is critical for more than just sending messages; we use email addresses to log in to social networks, identify ourselves for government services,

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The 2017 Internet Trends Report and the Case for Universal Acceptance

By Don Hollander, Secretary General, Universal Acceptance Steering Group Last month, venture capitalist and analyst Mary Meeker presented the 2017 Internet Trends report at Recode’s annual Code Conference. Several of the findings in this year’s report were noteworthy due to the extent to which they speak to the need for Universal Acceptance (UA), as well

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