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Ram Mohan


Ram Mohan is ideally suited to chair this Steering Group. As the CTO of Afilias, one of the first ‘new’ gTLDs in 2001, he’s very familiar with the challenges that new TLDs face when entering the market. Fluent in English and Hindi, Ram is also very familiar with IDNs as Afilias has been providing back end services for the India registry that is launching a dozen IDN ccTLDs to serve India’s diverse language and script community. Ram is also on the Board of ICANN.

“Providing diversity and choice are important to the Internet community. While the DNS infrastructure is able to support diversity, it’s now important to make sure that all the software that uses the Internet is able to also support the Diversity”

Vice Chair

Edmon Chung is also very familiar with the issues around Universal Acceptance. Hong Kong based, Edmon has been the driving force for of .Asia, like Afilias’ .info, another older ‘new entrant’ into the Domain Name Space. Fluent in English and Mandarin, Edmon is very aware of the challenges of serving the non-Latin script based communities using the Internet. Besides experience as a registry operator, Edmon bring strong community focus as well as Asia-wide regional interests to the group.

“Many of the next Billion Internet users will come from the non-Latin based language communities. It’s vital that they have equal access to all the services on the Internet”.

Edmon Chung
Mr. Svancarek

Vice Chair

Mr. Svancarek is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. Microsoft has a broad portfolio of products and services to offer those customers and partners who will benefit from EAI, IDNs, and/or support for web sites using a new TLD as an Office 365 or Azure address.


Vice Chair

Rich Merdinger is the Vice-President of Domains at GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest registrars and Internet hosting providers. With the new gTLD program that came to fruition in 2013, Rich has seen the wide choice that registrants now have in choosing a domain name that suits them.

“It’s imperative that all registrants have equal opportunity and this Universal Acceptance initiative is important for choice and diversity on the Internet. GoDaddy is fully behind this initiative.”

Rich Merdinger