By Don Hollander, Secretary General, UASG

Businesses that are looking to expand with the Internet as it welcomes longer and non-Latin domain names, helping attract the next billion Internet users, have an interest in becoming Universal Acceptance (UA) ready. UA is a technical compliance process that ensures all domain names and email addresses are accepted, validated, processed, stored and displayed consistently and correctly. Put simply, it is the concept that all domain names and email addresses work across all applications, and it is essential for the continued expansion of the Internet.

Like broccoli, issues like Universal Acceptance, DNSSEC and IPv6 are not necessarily sexy topics – but they are good and important issues for CIOs to have in their roadmaps.

Join ICANN board member and chair of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) Ram Mohan, Jason Livingood of Comcast and John Brzozowski of Comcast Cable for an upcoming webinar on important “broccoli issues” for global businesses – i.e. things that are good for you but that you may not understand why you should address them, such as UA, DNSSEC and IPv6.

On Thursday, 19 October from 2–3 pm ET (14:00), the CIO Executive Council from IDG is hosting this public webinar as part of its ongoing continuing education program for CIOs and senior IT managers. The webinar will look at the business value (in the billions, according to a recent study commissioned by the UASG) from putting these UA principles into practice.

Click here to find more information and to register for what is sure to be a lively and engaging discussion.

Listen to the webinar recording for more information