By Don Hollander, Secretary General of the UASG

The issue of Universal Acceptance of all domain names and all email addresses is well understood by members of the UASG (all software should accept all domain names and all email addresses). However, many in the broader IT profession aren’t aware of UA, so the goal of the UASG is to share this message. As such, we produce documentation, blog posts, videos, social media content and more. We speak at events and contribute guest editorials to relevant publications around the world.

While the ongoing efforts of the UASG community are helping raise awareness of UA, we want to ensure we are equipping our members with as many tools as possible to evangelise the UA message. We are pleased to share that the UASG has appointed the first-ever UA Ambassadors. These are people who are well-informed on UA and have spoken publicly and privately to their peers in the IT world on the topic. Our seven inaugural ambassadors will complement the resources available in the UASG Coordination Group as well as other members of the UASG community. The UASG remains open to additional ambassadors to broaden our diversity; those who are interested are encouraged to reach out to the UASG.

Our goal is to solicit applications from a diverse range of people – diverse in geography, language and profession. Geographically, we have ambassadors on both coasts of the U.S., two in Europe, one in the Middle East/Africa and two in India. Among them, they are fluent in English (all) and Arabic, German, Hindi, Punjabi and Serbian. And we have people with strong IT operations background, developers, CIOs and people intimately familiar with the Internet standards organisations.

You can find more information about each of the new ambassadors here. Please join us in congratulating them, and in thanking them for their commitment to UA.