By Dennis Tan Tanaka, Vice Chair of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG)

Universal Acceptance (UA) is the simple concept that all domain names and all email addresses work across all applications. But identifying if an application correctly supports UA can be complicated. To help the developer community identify potential issues preventing UA-readiness in web-based and native apps, the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) developed the Universal Acceptance Readiness Framework (UASG026). The technical guide provides a framework for scoping UA conformance work on software applications.

The framework is intended for testing software applications; it takes a deliberately simplified approach, focusing on the major components of an application to help developers more easily problem solve. The framework’s proposed approach to verify UA compliance of an application is as follows:

  • Identify the components used in the application.
  • Verify the UA compliance of each component.
  • Test the application for UA compliance from an input/output perspective without looking “under the hood.”
  • If tests results are positive, great! The application is UA ready. If results are negative, then developers should investigate by applying the outlined gating approach to the various interfaces of the components.

This paper is the latest in tools and resources available for developers who are critical in making Universal Acceptance – and a more inclusive Internet – available to everyone in the world.

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