By the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG)

Do you know if your email provider is digitally inclusive? Can you send email to and receive email from any valid address around the world? You might assume so, but many organizations still need to update their systems to keep pace with the evolving Domain Name System (DNS) and email standards. You can run an initial test by selecting an email address in your script of choice from this testing database – there are 28 scripts available (e.g., อีเมลทดสอบ@ยูเอทดสอบ.ไทย in Thai) – and sending an email to see if you receive an auto-generated response indicating your message was successfully received. You can also enter your email address here to find out of the mail server shows support for receiving internationalized email addresses. If either test fails, take the opportunity to encourage your organization or email provider to update their systems to support the Universal Acceptance (UA) of all valid domain names and email addresses in any language, script, or character length.

Specifically, you can direct them to the Universal Acceptance Steering Group’s (UASG) latest testing resource for support in evaluating their systems. The UASG has registered and published more than 80 test domain names and email addresses, covering 28 scripts, to be used to evaluate the UA-readiness of any Internet-enabled application, device, and system. They are available for public use, here (UASG004 and UASG004A in text file format). Of note, a few domain names and email addresses, marked in red, are not yet functional and will be updated soon.

This is the most significant expansion of test domain names and email address variations previously made available by the UASG. This resource guarantees developers, system admins, and email administrators have access to reliable test domain names and email addresses to evaluate their systems as detailed in the Universal Acceptance Readiness Framework (UASG026). Together, UASG004 and UASG026 are key assets to help organizations test and update their systems to support UA. Additional resources can be found here:

An #Internet4All is one in which every person can navigate and communicate on the Internet using their chosen domain name and email address that best aligns with their interests, business, culture, language, and script. As Internet access continues to expand globally there will be increased demand for UA-ready services, and organizations that can support customers and users in this way will have a first-mover advantage. For more information about the UASG and ways you can get involved in supporting an #Internet4All, visit, and follow, like, and share with the UASG on social media (TwitterFacebookLinkedIn).