By Satish Babu, Chair, UA Technology Working Group

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), in partnership with Cofomo Inc., have developed Universal Acceptance (UA)-ready code samples that can be used freely (BSD 3 License included) to make software systems completely UA-ready by covering all applicable categories:

  1. ASCII domain names with new and longer ASCII top-level domains (TLDs)
  2. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)
  3. Internationalized email addresses, with the domain name part in either ASCII format or IDN.
  4. Use of the latest available set of TLDs as they may be added or removed over time.

The code samples are available in Java, Python, and JavaScript programming languages. In this work, developers will find minimal running prototypes (MVPs) that demonstrate UA-readiness on the prioritized technology stacks.

If you’re ready to make your systems UA-ready, adopt this practice by getting the code samples at and make sure to star (☆) the project.

For more information on the code samples and how to use them, view the UA-Ready Code Samples in Java, Python, and JavaScript report (UASG043) and presentation.

Find out more about the UASG and ways you can get involved by visiting and following the UASG on social media (TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn).